• Elijah J. Graham

Dump the Tea

“I’ll do it but I’m not happy about it.” What is such a common stance on the same subject of America was also my firm and well considered answer to his question. He asked if I would vote.

“You know you can register at any moment or, or even mail in a ballot from home!” It seemed important to him and he had just watched the national convention the day before so he felt it necessary to involve me in his studies and discoveries. However, I can’t match the intrigue.

Bipartisanship has never done America well. It tells the youth that they have two options and that their vote will matter beyond what the treasonous, anti-patriots would have them believe. In reality, both the Democrats and Republicans are the same thing.

While America points fingers at treacherous tyrants running their countries as warring empires that strips the rights and wealth of its people habitually, the United States’ hypocritical nature is often overlooked.

“Change!” It doesn’t get much more simple than that. The 44th President’s catchphrase misled us more than most hope to admit. His election and reelection served well to prove the point that American citizens do not need to truly receive what they have been promised in order to be content with their government. Smoke and mirrors, success and victory— it’s all about perception! Though the 44th is brown and preaches some overwhelming change for which the American people have longed for ages, he is no different in the disgusting agenda he and all of his kind have followed to a tee: the military industrial complex.

This writing isn’t a historical account— I want to observe, not explain— so I will not delve too deep into the details of our secret society’s bread and butter. My omitting of elaborative facts hopefully serves as a tease to do more research on your own accord, as the astute and very curious reader that I’m sure you are.

To put it simply, America needs war for money. America whooped everyone’s ass in both World Wars and has never been victim to an armed conflict on domestic soil, other than civil wars. Instead, we have modern day acts of war, often referred to as terrorist attacks, that prompt us to raise our weapons but never dump the tea.

Any act of terror can prompt a fight— Pearl Harbor, 9/11, the crack epidemic, George Floyd’s murder, etc. Many, if not all of these wars have been results of America’s own strategic actions, creating a battle to rally and unite the American people with surging patriotism. American citizens have done an amazing job in raising their weapons and an awful job at dumping the tea. Slowly, my aspirations align with my observations, as it seems generations born in the 90s and after are awaking and gradually understanding why.

Currency was invented as a convenience. Instead of me giving you this goat in exchange for that iPhone, why don’t we just estimate what they could both be worth independently? Stunning idea for a merchant’s republic designed for the people to accumulate wealth for the sake of their country, not the country accumulating wealth for the sake of its people. With this in mind, America has been hoarding wealth and spending it on the one thing that always seems to bring it back: War.

A president is only a symbol and voice for his country. No president is elected on accident, but they are elected by sweltering support coming from somewhere. Every president in the last 100 years of American history has generated immense grievances, indiscriminately punishing the citizens of other countries and their own through the use of unnecessary tariffs, prolonged embargoes, government coups, loose condemnation, sporadic arrests, strategic murders, and most recently, mass data and information gathering.

Every policy and action is not a direct order from the president, but with the incredible influence and clout the president holds in the unchecked and unbalanced executive branch, it may very well be that president committing such virtually unpunishable crimes themselves. Lyndon B. Johnson played with Vietnam like a puppeteer plays with a carcass. Donald Trump killed a general like a mob boss orders a hit. Barack Obama bombed children. Both Bill Clinton and Dick Nixon outlawed incredibly popular drugs, just to declare war on their own people (and the brown people from which these drugs come) and profit from the insurmountable slave labor that those involved will serve in prison. Why did they do any of this? To promise future war.

With each war comes new money to be made and this may very well be the reason why the nation has so many grossly wealthy oligarchs now. Power has gravitated to those that already have it again and again. War has made America the richest, most culture dominant, and most diplomatically fluent country in the world. Every election, the American people flock to the polls to determine which of the same candidates will be the voice of our fascist oligarchy, powered by the warring rich that feed off of the labor and distress of the lower classes.

Our epistemologically malleable government compares well to feudalism, in that we have lords (bosses, CEOs, business owners) that may tell us how much our time, and therefore our life, is worth. By leeching from the labor of their peasants (comparably speaking), these lords may grow their own worth exponentially and reward their subjects with an increased sense of value, be it a benefit such as healthcare, 401k matching, company car, or be it a title or salary increase. Once we have more of the green cotton paper and metal coins that they promise is valuable, we are proud of ourselves and eager to contribute more time and effort to our lord’s cause, company, or enterprise.

Where America prides itself and promises that it is better than other nations is the ability for any American to quit any job, become their own lord, and make any amount of money. But what is often forgotten is the ability for any American to be poor, marginalized, or imprisoned, fundamentally due to their money just not being enough.

Our military based economy has historically made our lords very happy, and as a result, our lords have made our political representatives very happy— lobbying, gerrymandering, and bribing their way into remote political power. Since these corrupt methods have been somehow legal, our selfishly dishonest political representatives have lusted after their chance to become a lord on their own accord through their elected positions in government.

Every election year, we elect a man or woman that generally has a great wealth of money, even if they are a career politician. How much does it say about a political representative if he or she is a millionaire? Billionaire? Do they truly have the people’s interests in mind? If they did, would they hoard wealth while their constituents waste their life and break their body in labor or starve, begging for coins to relieve their constant pangs?

If America would lead us to believe that we work for the greatness of America, then why do we see none of that greatness for ourselves? Why are American citizens arrested, brutalized, and murdered in the streets by a fascist militaristic policing force? Why are nonviolent criminals sentenced to die in prison? Why are criminals constitutionally compelled to work slave labor— cleaning highways, tending crops, and extinguishing wildfires? Why do we hold asylum seeking children in concentration camps? Why do we condemn other countries for being better than us? Why won’t we break through the ceiling that we have built over our own heads? When a new president is to be elected, why do only two parties have a probable chance? When that new president starts some new war to rally the American people in its familiar, warmongering ways, why do we still raise our weapons?

I don’t want to vote. I don’t want to be responsible for America’s continued failure and decline. We cannot compete on a global, international scale if we cannot even unite our people behind something as simple as which American citizen’s life matters. While we powerlessly reach for fabricated influence and value, American oligarchs continue to dominate the means to life on all fronts. I can’t tell the difference between two parties when both parties are ran by the same people. The debates, elections, and campaigns are only distractions to make the American people feel as if they make a difference whether or not we’ll be nuked for our constantly immoral actions and leadership. This nation won’t last in its ways; anybody that points it out will probably be killed by the CIA. I’m not afraid.

I don’t want to vote. I want to dump the tea.

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