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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

As much as I try to debate it with myself or find myself lingering outside of it, I often find my favorite film genre is and always has been drama. The tense feelings, primal emotions, and relatable circumstances has always made drama the most real and thought-provoking genre I can find. By poking and prodding our decision-making techniques, drama draws us out of our lives and drops us into the usually poor-fitting shoes of another. To take it a step further in specificity of my preferred genre of film, dramadey takes the biggest cake in the batch.

A dramadey is “a television program or series using both serious and comic subjects, usually without relying on conventional plots, laugh tracks, etc.” (Dictionary). Dramadies generally appear in television form such as MASH, Scrubs, House, and Shameless, however, I prefer movies including The Truman Show, Forrest Gump, and Crazy Stupid Love. People like Quentin Tarantino and Eric Roth are rule breakers to the patterns made by the general ideas of comedy and drama by blending the two into beautiful stories that last the test of time.

Generally, rules broken in film are either accepted forthright or are looked at with a variable eye. Take the film “The Room” by Tommy Wiseau for example. The director, writer, producer, star of the film (Tommy Wiseau) had originally intended for the movies to be a dramatic piece of art with a thorough story riddled with underlying meanings and motifs. In reality, his work was so confusing, so poorly directed, and so melodramatic that it had been laughed out by audiences. Thus, turning his drama into a comedy and his movie into a masterpiece.

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